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Concrete Tile Restoration

Concrete Tile Roof Restoration:

Don't let a tired faded roof let down the appearance of your home. Over a period of years concrete tile roofs fade, get covered in black mould and may get cracked tiles and capping due to the effects of storms, hail and wind, as well as our Australian sun have an adverse effect.

Is your concrete roof looking tired? We can bring it back new appearance with our roof resurfacing process. Roof restoration of cement tile resurfacing is a great way to restore the appearance of your home and protect your concrete tiled roof for many years to come whilst adding thousands of dollars value to your home.

All roof restorations involve the following procedures

Clean the roof

High pressure water blasting using high pressured water to take off dirt, we use only the very best commercial equipment including rotating water blaster and then after we clean off with the high pressure washer. So in effect your roof gets two cleans to remove all the mould and pollution to bring the face of the tile back to a stable, clean surface ready for painting.


Flexible pointing is used on all ridge capping and gable cement work will be pointed, and re-bedded where needed.


All broken tiles will be replaced and any other issues will be fixed prior to painting.


Once prepared properly the roof needs a sealer before the colour coats of paint.


Two coats of paint are applied at this point. The type of paint used is determined by the condition of roof and the needs of the client.

Clean Up

To complete the roof restorations, we clean down everywhere and leave it spotless.