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The best cost effective way of having the look of a new roof, and receiving all the repairs and maintenance needed in our harsh climate is to call us for an obligation free appraisal and quote for the work to make your biggest investment maintain its value.

All roof restorations involve the following procedures:-

  • Clean the roof - High pressure water blasting using high pressured water to take off dirt, we use only the very best commercial equipment including rotating water blaster and then after we clean off with the high pressure washer. So in effect your roof gets two cleans to remove all the mould and pollution to bring the face of the tile back to a stable, clean surface ready for painting.
  • Repointing - Using the product Flexipoint, all ridge capping and gable cement work will be pointed, and re-bedded where needed.
  • Repairs - All broken tiles will be replaced and any other issues will be fixed prior to painting.
  • Sealing - Once prepared properly the roof needs a sealer before the colour coats of paint.
  • Painting - Two coats of paint are applied at this point. The type of paint used is determined by the condition of roof and the needs of the client.
  • Clean up - To complete the roof restorations, we clean down everywhere and leave it spotless.
  • Our paint is produced and manufactured by an Australian owned company and comes with a minimum of a ten year guarantee and is up to the job of protecting your investment in our harsh Australian sunlight conditions.
  • Maxshield Coatings understands that:-

No one likes the idea of maintenance, but the reality is that from new a roof can expect to need help within 10- 12 years. But once all the maintenance has been carried out it should be a minimum of ten years before you need to worry again.

What is re-pointing? Under all ridge capping is a bed of cement mixture that holds the ridge capping straight and level. Over the top of this is applied the pointing. The vast majority of houses have a cement based pointing which after extremes in heat and cold can crack and loose strength.

We use Flexi pointing compound to re-point all ridge capping, this is troweled over the existing pointing with our Flexi pointing compound to achieve an incredible strong flexible adhesion between the roof and ridge capping. Most times the ridge capping is able to be re-pointed without the added cost of re-bedding as well.

If a roof has loose ridge capping, then it can be the weak spot a nasty storm finds. Once wind lifts one ridge cap then a domino effect can happen, or best case scenario, it’s just water entry point.

Finding leaks in a roof can be a frustrating and rewarding job. We pride ourselves in fixing problems where others have failed. We also supply and fit whirlybirds to your roof that will allow for the summer heat to be removed from your loft space and help with your electricity costs, this is a real saving and very much an added benefit in keeping your home cool in the summer months.

We also supply, install and repair skylights. There is not a roofing or associated job, like rainwater guttering and downpipes that we will not renew repair or replace for you.

Pavecoat concrete sealer is manufactured from acrylic polymer resin and is stabilised for all types of concrete including paving, driveways, factory and workshop floors, service stations, tilt slab construction, asbestos and cement sheeting, slate flooring, and concrete roof tiles.Pavcoat UV Clear and colours are recommended for plain concrete, pattern paving, stamped impression paving, stencil paving, and spray-on finish paving. Pavecoat is highly durable and resistant to oil and most household chemicals.

What we do: We power wash your driveway, find any cracks. Cut out the cracks and fill with an extremely hard filler compound. Once ready for painting we will then apply at least two coats of Pavecoat to leave your driveway looking the envy of your neighbours.


The Wall Coatings:

The Naturatex range adds class with distinction to your home or building. Naturatex are a range of premium quality, premixed flexible acrylic renders (Alfresco) and textures (Provencal) with superior adhesion to most substrates including Raked brick, block, Aerated concrete, Cement sheeting, Polystyrene Timber and Blue board. Can be tinted to your choice of colour and no painting required The Naturatex range is designed to be friendly to the environment and very user friendly. Suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Thermotex is our heat reflective textured coatings. Available in Alfresco and Provencal range of products. With today’s climate changes, focus on energy efficient, environmentally friendly buildings and clever building products, Shieldcoat has taken pride in engineering heat reducing products that have been independently tested and proven to reduces the temperatures in the wall cavity but can also aid in increasing the substrates “R” value. Thermotex is now widely used not only for residential homes but also commercial buildings and in Government projects.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Tile Roof Restoration: Don't let a tired faded roof let down the appearance of your home. Over a period of years concrete tile roofs fade, get covered in black mould and may get cracked tiles and capping due to the effects of storms, hail and wind, as well as our Australian sun have an adverse effect.

br Is your concrete roof looking tired? We can bring it back new appearance with our roof resurfacing process. Roof restoration of cement tile resurfacing is a great way to restore the appearance of your home and protect your concrete tiled roof for many years to come whilst adding thousands of dollars value to your home.

  • First we check for loose or cracked tiles and replace them.
  • All Tile caps are re-pinned with a flexible pinning compound that won't crack and flexes with your roof.
  • We then pressure clean your entire roof paying careful attention to the tile edges. This removes the ugly black mould and provides a clean surface for sealing.
  • The roof is then sealed with a penetrating sealer that prevents moisture from entering the tile and provides a perfect surface for the colour coats.
  • We then apply two colour coats to completely transform and finish your roof.


Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration:

Terracotta Roof Tiles are probably the best roof tile that money can buy, they never lose their colour like cement tiles. However, they do lose their glaze after a number of years, and become mouldy and unpleasant to look at. Terracotta tile roofing never fades, you can pressure clean the roof surface, replace broken roof tiles and re-point ridge capping giving you an instant lift to your homes appearance. Changing your tile roof colour or applying a roof tile sealer will depend on your roof tile being glazed, we only recommend painting Un-glazed roof tiles and you will be advised at the roof quotation stage if your tile roof is suitable to paint, Terracotta has been used to make roof tiles since ancient times, it has been considered as the premium roofing material by many home builders.

Sadly even terracotta tiles can lose their good appearance due to the elements. Terracotta tiles can lose their glazing and become mouldy and unattractive.

Maxshield has the solution for a tired Terracotta Roof.

  • We check for loose and cracked tiles and replace any found.
  • We then pressure clean the entire roof removing any unsightly mould or fungus.
  • The caps are re-pointed with a flexible pointing compound that doesn't crack or fall out.
  • Finally we apply two coats of Shieldcoat Glaze to renew the lustre and colour of your terracotta roof for years to come.
  • Terracotta is probably the best roof tile money can buy, they never lose their colour like cement tiles. However, they do lose their glaze after a number of years, and become mouldy and unpleasant to look at.


Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Restoration:

The roof of your home is very important to you, let's face it, it keeps all of your belongings safe. So how sound is your metal roof. Like all roofs time and the harsh Australia weather conditions can take its toll on a metal roof. The weather, falling debris and continual expansion and contraction of the roof during the seasons can cause, loosening screws, dents, rusting and discolouration.

There is a way to bring back the original protection and beauty of your roof.A Reseal Roof Restoration will protect your home for many years to come. We only use the best roof coatings and we are skilled at what we do.

Reseal Roof Restoration will clean your roof surface, replace screws where necessary, apply one coat of Penetrating sealer, then 2 coats of Acrylic Membrane to complete the job. Acrylic UV Membrane is designed especially for the harsh Australian climate. All of our products come with a 10 year manufactures warranty, our main suppler is Brisbane based and serves Australia nationally. Maxshield Coating restorations will take years off the appearance of your tired roof and restore its weather proof properties giving you and your families’ possessions added protection.

  • We replace all loose screws where necessary.
  • Pressure clean your roof.
  • Apply a coat of sealer.
  • Apply 2 coats of Shieldcoat Roof membrane.

Call us today for an informal chat and receive a written obligation free quotation for you to consider and when you have made up your mind give us a call and we will soon have your roof looking like new again.


Whilrybird Ventilators

Installing a whirlybird helps to keep heat and moisture out of your roof. Maxshield only installs the best products available in the market today for Whirlybird ventilation and that is why when it comes to whirly bird installations, you must ensure that the brand you have fitted is super quiet as they do run 24 hrs a day everyday.Most homes are fitted with 2 but we will be able to advise upon inspection.

Our whirlybirds are smooth and quite in operation, are suitable for most roofs, and also come in a wide array of colours. And when it comes to whirly bird installations, we know you want peace of mind. Ventilation technology and the product we install come with a 10 year warranty, Whirly bird installations should be done by a reputable company that you can trust. This is where Maxshield can help. We as a roofing company know roofs well and can fit a whirlybird ventilator as a separate job or as part of a total roof restoration. We will match your taste and budget.

During summer months temperatures in roof spaces can reach as high as 60°c.This heat radiates downwards causing discomfort in living areas and forcing air conditioners to work harder. Even the effectiveness of ceiling insulation can be reduced by the additional heat load.

During the colder months, water vapour from showers and cooking is drawn into roof spaces and can condense to form up to 12 litres of moisture per day. This can render insulation ineffective, cause mildew on walls and ceilings and contribute to a damp environment.